The History of Restaurant Els


To fully appreciate the history of Restaurant Els one must go back to the year 1853 when the building and its beautiful interior – still visible today – was constructed by the famous Austrian patîssier, Christian Frederik Bredo Grandjean.

In those days it was not a restaurant, but a coffeehouse, and was a favourite haunt of well known actors from the nearby Royal Theatre. Amongst the regular clientele was a close friend of the Grandjean family, a poet & writer soon to become world-famous: Hans Christian Andersen. Andersen in fact wrote a poem to celebrate the grand opening of the coffeehouse, and he and the other guests on that day were able to appreciate – as you still can today – the six beautiful murals, which decorate the interior. Each portrays a female figure, four of them symbolising the seasons and the remaining two symbolising the twin muses of dance and music.

By the turn of the century the coffeehouse had become a restaurant: it has remained so ever since and its reputation as one of the finest in Copenhagen is now firmly established.

Given the combination of fascinating interior, fine cuisine and affordable prices, it is easy to understand why Restaurant Els is now so popular with Danish people.

It is our intention that your visit to Restaurant Els should be in every sense a complete dining experience.