Lunch 11-17


Open sandwiches


Lunch plate with Danish herrings, salmon, cheese, rye bread & butter kr. 75,-


Pickled herring with dill mayonnaise, egg, capers & red onions kr. 80,-


Spicy herring with capers & red onions kr. 79,-


Curry herrings with egg & fried capers kr. 85,-


“Christiansøpigens herring” with sour cream & chives kr. 89,- 


Fried herrings with capers & red onions kr. 90,-


Selection of Danish herrings with capers, red onions & boiled egg  kr. 118,-


Gravad lax (cured salmon) with mustard sauce, bread & butter kr. 118,-


Smoked Fanø salmon with creamy spinach kr. 155,-


Shrimps with lemon mayonnaise, bread & lemon kr. 125,-


Creamy chicken salad with bacon & toast kr. 118,-


Danish traditional tartar kr. 145,-


Warm Dishes


Fried plaice fillet with lemon & sauce remoulade kr. 118,-


Els´ “Shooting star”, plaice with shrimps & dressing kr. 148,- 


 Warm liver pate with mushrooms & bacon kr. 88,-


Fried liver of veal with bacon & onions kr. 145,-


Crispy pork rib roast with red cabbage kr. 98,-


Roasted with sweet mustard & red cabbage kr. 95,-


Cheese & Dessert


“Gammel Ole”: Old mature Danish cheese kr. 85,-


Gorgonzola cheese with fried rye bread, egg yolk & onions kr. 85,-


Cheese platter kr. 145,-


Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream kr. 95,-


Fresh grated apple cake kr. 85,-




When paying with credit card, the card company’s charge will be added.